Enabling eCommerce as an essential part of an integrated frictionless payment solution

eCommerce Integration is a Breeze

Our payment technology was born as an eCommerce platform and provides a wide array of features for every online payment need. From hosted payment pages to a fully integratable API to give you full control, we have you covered.

• Light and full integration options
• Technical support
• Full APIs, docs and sandbox for testing

Fully-Featured Online Payments Capability

Our horizontally scalable platform provides all the features and functionality you need to offer payments in any online scenario via API and through our pluggable components.

• Virtual Terminal
• Tokenization
• PayLink
• Account Updater

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Intelligent Retail Ready

Intelligent Retail Ready

The emerging Intelligent Retail sector requires more than a traditional POS solution. In addition, it needs eCommerce tools for customer registration and transaction tokenization support; plus mPOS tools for in-App payment support. Our Omni-Channel solution provides you with a solution for all of these paths.

• POS, mobile, online and unattended 
• One integration for multiple channels
• Designed by developers for developers

Have a look at our easy to use SDK and APIs

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