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Gas Valet partners with Worldnet to offer contactless payment options

Founded in 2017, Gas Valet was started as a way to upgrade the driver experience at the pump. Ben McFarlin, CEO and Founder of Gas Valet, started his journey at a gas station in Atlanta, GA.

He had a vision for a new SaaS platform with a mPOS solution for the forecourt that allows gas attendants to service consumers by delivering a completely contactless and engaging experience at the pump. Ben knew that success was dependent on building a seamless payments experience that would earn the trust of his customers and employees alike, that’s where Worldnet stepped in. qac64/



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The Problem

The industry was lagging behind and Ben realized that the way we pay for gas had not evolved and yet consumers needed a contactless and safe way to fuel their vehicles. He developed the Gas Valet system himself and through customer discovery realized that he needed an integrated payments solution and a more convenient way for customers to utilize his services. 

Gas Valet began to see a major increase in transactions after they adopted a tap & go form of payment experience using Square processing and payments devices.

Although the use of Square was keeping the business running, it wasn’t efficient and was getting costly. They struggled with high processing fees, full integration, real-time reporting and account reconciliation for the business. This method was not going to work for their high transaction count and Gas Valet needed to put an all-in-one solution in place. 

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The Solution

Worldnet collaborated with Gas Valet to build a seamless mobile payment and ERP solution to help with some of their biggest problems. Our developer-friendly SDK and mPOS solution allows ISVs to customize their platform and offer integrated, flexible, and convenient payment solutions for their customers. We helped Gas Valet address issues with reporting, accounting and got them set up to maximize their payments revenue. 

Gas Valet was fully implemented on Android and iOS in less than a week with the help of our integrations team, a dedicated #slack channel, and of course thorough documentation for our SDK. We sealed the deal when we brought in our partners at BBPOS to supply Gas Valet with a pre-certified mPOS payment terminal. 

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The Results

With our SDK and payments partnership, Gas Valet was able to increase their productivity in numerous ways. They’ve doubled in size, serviced over 30,000 vehicles and built a fully-iintegrated payment experience into their software. We were able to cut their processing fees by 33% and gave them the ability to generate thorough reporting and manage payroll all in their mobile app.

This new flexibility gives Gas Valet the option to grow and expand their services in other ways with little to no effort when it comes to integration. Currently, the attendants grab items out of the store for the customer, but they are hoping to integrate the store’s inventory into their system soon which opens up a whole new world of opportunities and efficiencies. With this contactless mobile payment and ERP solution, Gas Valet has got eyes on the fast-growing EV-charging and car valet spaces. 

+30,000 Cars Fueled

33% Savings on Processing Fees

+60k Transactions/month

+2m Revenue

What their team said…

“We started with Square and the fees were killing us, in addition to that, I couldn’t customize anything and we weren’t fully integrated. I discovered Worldnet, the BBPOS devices and their SDK. I was able to customize my solution to do payroll, scheduling and reporting. The integration was really great and Worldnet understood what I was trying to do right away. I went from zero to fully integrated in less than a week.”

Ben McFarlin

Founder & CEO, Gas Valet

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