With +40k merchants and +50k terminals, Worldnet is the leader in unattended retail
Our all-in-one platform and gateway helps enterprise-scale businesses like yours integrate self-service payments for a winning unattended strategy.
Unattended Payments

An autonomous checkout 

Unattended retail continues to thrive due to cost savings, speed, convenience, and the safety of allowing customers to shop with as little human contact as possible.

Vending stations, kiosks, and self-service machines are equipped to meet the growing demand for contactless options with ai-technology for a truly frictionless "just walk out" experience. 

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Designed for unattended retail

We understand that the unattended sector is unique and we support those specific requirements, such as polling and NFC support, plus support for contactless and mobile  payment options.

We offer: 

  • One streamlined integration 
  • Pre-certified solutions for unattended & self-service
  • Range of unattended payment hardware options
  • All payment channels - EMV, MSR, Quickchip, Contactless
  • Enterprise-scale support & expertise for numerous locations 
  • A one-stop-shop for all your payment needs
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Automated Retail
Intelligent Retail Ready

Intelligent Retail Ready

The Intelligent Retail sector requires more than a traditional POS solution. In addition, it needs eCommerce tools for customer registration and transaction tokenization support; plus mPOS tools for in-App payment support. Our Omni-Channel solution provides you with a solution for all of these paths.

• POS, mobile, online and unattended
• One integration for multiple channels
• Designed by developers for developers

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