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We are a software development house, and we know what developers need to make their lives easier. Thorough documentation. Sample code & helpful examples. A self-service sandbox. And knowledgeable technical support and advice for the payments side of things.

• Comprehensive Technical Documentation
• Self-service Sandbox
• Technical payments expertise

POS & Automated Payments SDK

Whether you use Android, Linux or Windows, we have an off-the-shelf SDK waiting for you. Speed up your releases and avoid lengthy certifications by using our pre-certified abstraction layer for all your needs.

• Android, Linux and Windows support
• Form factors to suit many environments
• Automated-ready solutions
[See our compatibility matrix here]

Look at our POS and Automated Integration guide
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Online API & Toolkit

Our hosted payment pages and API-based eCommerce solutions enable you to accept secure transactions via your website, allowing customers from all over the world to pay for your products or services by credit and debit card. We support once-off payments, card tokenisation for repeat customers and fully automated recurring payments for subscription-based websites.

• Hosted Payment Page and XML integration options
• Virtual Terminal
• Full sandbox test environment for end-to-end testing
• Extensive reporting & analytics
[Click here for a full list of features]

Look At Our Online Integration Guide

Mobile Payments SDK

We make mobile payments simple with our customizable mobile app. Available for both Android and iOS, our mobile solution is EMV pre-certified and contactless-ready with a range of mobile payments hardware.

• iOS and Android Support
• Pre-Certified EMV & Contactless
• Range of Hardware Devices Supported
• Bluetooth and Audio Interfaces supported

Look At Our Mobile Solution Guides Here
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