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We’re the payments gateway of choice for ISVs looking for faster and simpler integrations. Get access to real humans for a hand-held integration that will save you time and effort.

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We're a team of payments experts, developers, and engineers who know what software developers need to make their lives easier.

  • Thorough documentation
  • Self-service sandbox
  • Sample code & helpful examples
  • Quick access to technical support
  • Tailored payments advice 

In-store payments 

Integrate payments into your software, speed up your time to market, and avoid lengthy certifications by using our pre-certified abstraction layer for all your needs. One integration with our SDK gives you the ultimate flexibility and access to a wide range of pre-certified payment devices and the most popular acquiring processors.

  • Android, Linux and Windows support
  • Form factors to suit many environments
  • Automated-ready solutions
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Create frictionless experiences with plugins to the most common platforms, hosted payment pages, and API-based eCommerce solutions which allow you to accept secure transactions online. We support one-off payments, card tokenization for repeat customers, and fully-automated recurring payments for subscriptions. 

  • Get a virtual terminal
  • Full sandbox test environment for end-to-end testing
  • Extensive reporting & analytics
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Mobile payments

We make mobile payments simple with our developer kits for Android and iOS. Our customizable mobile solution is EMV pre-certified and contactless-ready with a range of mobile payments hardware that can take your mobile apps to the next level. 

• Android and iOS support
• Pre-certified EMV & contactless
• Range of hardware devices supported
• Bluetooth and audio interfaces supported

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