The Contactless Revolution

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VICKI – Contactless Retail Trend

Contactless transactions are the new normal. They are the global payments standard as they allow customers to simply tap to pay with a contactless card, mobile phone, or payment-enabled device. The U.S has a past of being a slow adopter to the new technology in the fintech world, but advanced payments technology is no longer an option but a necessity for a thriving ecosystem.

The Conactless Revolution




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The Problem

The arrival of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created a push where, throughout the United States, businesses are strongly looking to upgrade terminals with contactless payments to enhance touch-less interactions for customer health and safety. In addition to promoting safety by limiting person-to-person interaction at checkout, EMV contactless transactions are also more secure than traditional mag-stripe transactions.

Countries and card brands around the world are increasing their transaction threshold for contactless transactions to encourage consumers to pursue a safer way to purchase goods. As a result, the payments industry is seeing an increase in contactless transactions and a push for cashless options on all payment environments such as retail and unattended.


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The Solution

VICKI is an innovative answer to the Contactless Retail Trend from kiosk industry experts ViaTouch Media, Inc. VICKI is an AI-Powered Smart Store offering a touch-free, self-checkout and unattended retail experience. Ahead of its time, VICKI is a virtual attendant that can answer product-related customer questions. It also can arrange for advanced product pick-ups and is easily customizable for differing product shapes and sizes. Even more, VICKI promotes social distancing and has COVID-19 virus-killing technology that uses UV-C lights to routinely clean products and interior surfaces for a period of 90 seconds after each customer use.

VICKI incorporates ID TECH’s VP3300 OEM with Worldnet’s GoChip SDK as well as a multitude of other innovative features. ID TECH’s VP3300 OEM allows secure and reliable NFC transactions in an unattended environment while Worldnet’s GoChip solution is a software framework that allows flexible integrations into the customer’s payment solution.



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The Results

VICKI makes use of Worldnet’s end-to-end encryption to allow for the highest security measures to protect the cardholder as well as the merchant. The merchant will not need to worry about security or PCI Compliance as this is part of the Worldnet end-to-end solution.

This pre-certified GoChip SDK is flexible and allowed the ViaTouch developers to customize around the point-of-sale. This bespoke method allowed them to run the program in their own environment. The GoChip SDK is versatile as it is easily integrated and fully customizable to the ViaTouch brand and aesthetic. It is a plug-and-play solution that allowed Worldnet to take care of the payments piece whilst freeing the merchant to have full reign to create/update everything else, as is the case with VICKI.

VICKI has a polling feature enabled which means that the ID TECH VP3300 OEM device that is integrated within it is always activated and ready for a transaction. There will be no need to push a button to start a transaction as all the customer needs to do is present their card to the payment terminal, choose the item they want and it will automatically be charged to their account. This is the epitome of a fully contactless transaction.


+$59 B. industry projection by 2025

+42% of vending owners reported cashless payments as a great investment

+40% of share of sales come from vending services 

Multiple operating models for premium flexibility 

What their team said…

“The VICKI Platform is the intelligence behind the VICKI smart store, and the worlds first AI driven retail system. We are excited to continue to define the future of retail through data, advanced technologies and frictionless experiences.”

Tom Murn, CEO & President

Via Touch Interactive Media

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