Unattended Car Wash

Case Study

 Dencar – Touch Free IBA Operation

Dencar is one of the most innovative POS technologies for unattended carwashes. The company was founded by car wash industry experts from United Auto Wash. As operators of some of Ohio’s highest performing In-Bay Automatic (IBA) washes, Phil Marquart, Ron Carlson, and Don DeSario knew what it would take to level up their customer experience while creating the ultimate monthly recurring revenue generator. 

When designing their fourth car wash, the Dencar team strategically selected Petit’s Accutrac new touch-free technology and built their own software from scratch, specifically tailored to be unmanned. They successfully designed a double touch-free IBA operation that could wash over 60 cars per hour.






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The Problem

With this level of throughput and the need to compete with two local tunnel operators within two miles of their site, they turned their focus to building out an advanced point-of-sale (POS) system that could keep up with the volume they were expecting.

To turbo-charge and automate their self-service model they needed a few different things:

  • Intuitive communication flows between the business and consumer

  • An mobile app for monthly pass subscriptions

  • Ability to pay based on the customer’s preference i.e. in-app, at the station or online

  • A way to simplify and minimize the transaction time per vehicle

Dencar came to Worldnet after feeling frustrated with other existing solutions and in need of a true payments partner who could make their vision of a technology driven self-serve car wash a reality.



Omnichannel Payments




Mobile App Payments


The Solution

Dencar saved loads of time because they quickly realized that one integration with our SDK checked off everything on their list, and then some. This is part of the benefits of working with an integrated gateway that can truly be your “one and only” partner for the payments portion of your software. 

We were able to deliver omnichannel solutions and expert guidance in designing and streamlining their payment workflow.  Dencar was able to create a mobile app that makes selling monthly membership quick and easy. The monthly pass app features tokenization to securely store the users’ information and provide bar codes customers scan at the kiosk before getting their washes and/or vacuum time.  

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The Results

We’ve seen Denar Technologies become a car wash industry leader who puts technology and innovation at the heart of their solutions. Their team has taken automation to the next level and made payments a key differentiator in their customer experience. 

Since the beginning of our partnership we’ve been able to help them seamlessly board over 45 new merchants and delivered over 260K transactions. We’ve enabled them to offer unattended payment solutions for their car washes that take less than 30 seconds to activate a monthly plan at their kiosks. 

+45 Merchants Onboarded 

+260K Transactions 

+60,000 washes in its first year

Less than 30 Seconds to Activate a Monthly Plan

What Their Team Said…

 “This whole model has less moving parts — both literally with less equipment and no conveyor, and also in regards to management and staff. Consistent, simple and fast. Automation is here; why not embrace it?”   

Don DeSario

Dencar Techologies

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