ID TECH offers a complete range of self-service and in-store solutions. Check out our growing list of pre-certified devices and be on the lookout for even more queued for release. 
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Case Study

Worldnet & ID TECH Take Parking to Another Level 

Parking BOXX is a leading parking system provider with over 75 years of industry experience across all lot sizes. Their innovative parking technology and equipment have earned them multiple listings on the Forbes Inc. 5000. See how we helped them transform their payments strategy while simplifying payments for their merchants and giving them the flexibility they need to scale.
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Customer Engagement with Omnichannel Solutions  

Justin Ning, VP of Product & Marketing at ID TECH, shares how consumers are more connected and digitally savvy than ever before. See how together we're delivering seamless payment experiences that suits their unique styles. 

View this short video to explore the trends revolutionizing customer engagement at the POS and how self-service merchants can do more with omnichannel solutions.
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