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Parking BOXX is a leading parking system provider with over 75 years of industry experience across all lot sizes. Their innovative parking technology and equipment have earned them multiple listings on the Forbes Inc. 5000, making them one of the fastest-growing companies in the US.
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Parking made simple 
with Unattended Payments 
Parking BOXX
Company Founded
The Problem
Parking BOXX was the first EMV Chip Unattended Parking System in the United States. They knew they had to continue making significant improvements to their payment experience in order to remain at the forefront of integrating the most secure payments technology.

They needed an easy way to upgrade their payments solutions while providing the flexibility for their merchants to choose their own processor and bank.
Parking Boxx
Unattended EMV certification with contactless payments
In-app payments 
E-commerce payments
Credit card tokenization 
The Solution
Within a matter of weeks, our team of problem solvers and implementation specialists were able to quickly kick off an integration that provided them with a fully integrated payments solution. Parking BOXX now features an unattended EMV certification with contactless , in-app and e-commerce payments solutions. 

By using tokenization they enable the safe storage of credit card information in mobile wallets, e-commerce solutions and POS software without the overhead of extensive PCI audits for their clients. Now, a customer can tokenize at the point of sale and become a repeat customer via any channel — all reportable in one consolidated omni-channel platform.
Parking BOXX uses unattended|attended mobile payment devices which deliver MSP, EMV and NFC payment acceptance, security, and reliability to unattended payment applications. Since Parking BOXX provides their services on multiple ecosystems they integrated to Worldnet’s system using Windows, Java on Linux, and via our developer-friendly EMV-ready SDK.
50+ Merchants
600k Transactions
$5M in Annual Processing
The results
With this solution, we’ve been able to help Parking BOXX simplify payments for their merchants while giving them the flexibility they need to scale. It’s been 9 months since our conversations started, and we’ve already boarded 50+ merchants with 600k transactions and $5M+ in processing.
Worldnet has enabled us to integrate best-in-class payment features. Their customer service – from development to daily operations has been outstanding! Most importantly, our customers have been so happy with the Worldnet onboarding process and competitive rates.
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