LaundryCard saw a $140k increase in revenue

LaundryCard is part of the Card Concepts family which has over 40 years of experience in the laundry industry. LaundryCard replaces all of the traditional coin mechanisms in a laundromat with networked card readers. Customers get their loyalty card from a kiosk by using a debit/credit card or ApplePay/AndroidPay and the value added to the loyalty card is then used to start a machine.
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Self-Service laundry payments 
Company Founded
Laundrymat Payments
The Problem
LaundryCard came to Worldnet because they were taking their solution to the next level by adding EMV enabled payments to all of their locations. In order to truly meet their customer’s demand for new ways of payment, they needed to introduce contactless options to their existing estate of terminals.

They were looking for a trusted payments partner to support their growing merchant portfolio with streamlined onboarding, competitive rates, and an easy integration.
LaundryCard Payments
Specialized EMV migration 
Contactless payments 
Payments Infrastructure for Scale
Merchant onboarding simplified 
Payment solutions for laundrymats
The Solution
Worldnet Payments went beyond providing LaundryCard with an unattended EMV certified payment solution, we gave them the option to migrate their EMV traffic over time. They were able to use their new EMV hardware while also supporting their existing contactless and MSR solutions. Therefore, there was no need for any of their locations to support more than one gateway integration.

There’s nothing better than a smooth EMV transition to more payments revenue! We used the IDTech VP3300 to light up their fleet with MagStripe, smart card, and contactless technologies.

Furthermore, we collaborated with our partners at ISVPay to help LaundryCard customers establish a merchant account quickly and to drastically reduce the merchant onboarding time to mere minutes instead of days or weeks. 

This specialized, hands-on, and deeply consultative approach to integrated payments is a critical component to the solutions we design and the value we bring. 
$140k Increase in revenue
99% Authorization rate
Payments revenue unlocked for LaundryCard
The results
LaundryCard was able to see the immediate benefits of modernizing their payments infrastructure with a seamless enterprise-scale migration. By working with an experienced partner like Worldnet and embracing a fully integrated payments solution LaundryCard saw $140k jump in revenue with a 99% authorization rate.

Our work is just getting started as we continue to work closely with the CardConcepts family on new projects designed to help them and their merchants achieve ridiculous growth.
Worldnet has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Every time we present them with a challenge they come back with solutions. They are as interested in our merchants’ success as much as we are, and that’s important to us.
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Steve Marcionetti, President 

Card Concepts

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